Plants in Poetry and Art

(SEM 1126) Plants in Poetry and Art

Explore the poetic side of plants and their place in world iconography, mythology, and artistic expression.  Beginning with Eden’s forbidden fruit, and on through the musings of the Persian mystics, the botanically intricate medieval Unicorn Tapestries, and the modern art of Andy Goldsworthy, botanical symbols and subjects will guide classroom discussion and activities.  Using plants as metaphor and medium for artistic creation, group and individual projects will include creative writing, designing floral crowns, constructing various musical instruments such as reed flutes, and experimenting with natural dyes and sculptures.  Intimate exposure to subject matter will involve all six senses.

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One Response to Plants in Poetry and Art

  1. annette says:

    Your photos are so inspiring! They bring back memories of walking the land in northern Wisconsin looking for chestnuts, lichens… to dye my home sheared wool, hand spun, to make a my tapestry of the land I love on a very basic loom. It still hangs in my father’s home in Argonne. Your website takes my breath away. You are a poet Ryan.

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