Appalachia: People, Place, and Plants

Discover the vibrant culture of Appalachian peoples—including Native Americans,
early settlers, and their descendants—and their sense of place and interaction
with this unique Appalachian landscape. Explore the use of native plants for
medicine, wild edibles, art, music and metaphor through readings, music, food,
film, field trips, guest speakers, and field interviews. Further immerse yourself by
using wild-collected plants and traditional methods to complete projects such as
primitive fire-making with plant parts and hand-crafting baskets. You will also develop research and field skills through applied conservation projects on the sustainability of Cherokee artisan materials at a forest research site. An additional course fee of $100–$150 will be required for an extended field trip to the Cherokee Indian Reservation in the Great Smoky Mountains of North Carolina.

Learning Modules (Please contact me directly to access specific learning modules.)


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